Corn Salsa Burgers

Corn Salsa Burgers with Chili Lime Mayo

In my experience, tailgating and sports inspire all kinds of recipes. There’s just something about that crisp fall air that makes me want to get outside, fire up the grill, and put together some awesome food for a group of friends and fans.   With this in mind, the inspiration for my Salsa Burgers with Chili […]

Barbecue Sauced Steaks

Barbecue Sauced Steaks

Sometimes you just need a grilled steak. And sometimes you crave the great flavor of barbecue sauce, there’s no shame in that. My question is this – who said that steak sauce can’t have some flavor that’s similar to barbecue sauce? My suggestion is to forget about labels when it comes to steak! Let’s just […]

OJ BBQ Sauce

Orange Juice Barbecue Sauce

There are probably millions of barbecue sauce recipes available online but if you’re like me you’re always trying to find something a bit different than what you can buy in a store.  Hell, I’m betting most of you have a sauce collection in your kitchen right now that would rival a museum.  Let’s face it […]

oven baked pancakes

Grilled “Oven-Baked” Pancakes?

Who doesn’t enjoy a big batch of pancakes? Well, as you might expect from the title of this article there is a slight twist on how you can prepare a stack! Now that I think about it – there is actually no stacking involved when it comes to using your grill or oven to make […]

easy Remoulade sauce

Easy Shrimp Remoulade Sauce

One thing is for sure when It comes to making a shrimp PoBoy – you can’t truly enjoy it without a splash of Remoulade sauce. Here’s the catch – the sauce that most Americans have come to expect with a tasty seafood sandwich is actually a slight deviation of “real” Remoulade sauce – a classic […]

barbecue beer bread

Barbecue Beer Bread

Beer bread is probably one of the first recipes I learned when I started cooking with beer! It’s easy and it produces a great loaf of nearly full-proof bread. It stands to reason that if you really like fresh bread, beer, and barbecue then why not combine the three? Let’s get started!   What’s Awesome […]

What Are Some Infrared Grill Advantages-

What Are Some Infrared Grill Advantages?

Is it possible that an infrared grill can taste better than a traditional gas or charcoal grill?   I feel almost disloyal writing about the infrared grill advantages.  Back in my day, a good BBQ meant firing up the outdoor grill and washing your clothes immediately afterward to get rid of that smoky smell.  Infrared stuff was […]

Oven to Grill Rib Eye Steaks

Oven to Grill Rib Eye Steaks

Take your traditional ribeye recipe and toss it out the window! Well, don’t toss the ribeye… just the old way of thinking when it comes to grilling one of the most tender cuts of meat out there. Think about all of the times you’ve grilled a ribeye, or pan seared one, or seared and then finished […]

How To Grind Meat Without A Grinder

How To Grind Meat Without A Grinder

We’re here to give you the daily grind on how to upgrade the flavor and quality of your next ground meat Let’s face it – very few of us play butcher on the weekends and therefore do not own a proper meat cutter.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to grind meat without […]

Grilled Steak Sliders

Chuck Eye Grilled Steak Sliders

If you’re like me, then you couldn’t be happier that sliders have become a staple at tailgating events. The question is, however, what can you do to make something that is already awesome even better? What about taking your sliders up a notch with grilled steaks instead of ground beef? Couple that with some seasoning, […]