7 of The Best BBQ Blogs for 2017


What are the best bbq blogs out there?

According to Food Bloggers Central, there are over 227 million blogs that have been written to date and that number is increasing every day!  With those kinds of numbers, where do you start when searching for the best bbq blogs?  In this post, we’ve tried to do some of the work for you and I’ll share what I looked for when creating this list of the best bbq blogs currently on the web today.

In my opinion, a quality blog should create value for the reader, have a great design, and have its own identity .  All of the best bbq blogs that I’m sharing with you create value for the reader by choosing quality recipes, providing restaurant insights, or share other useful information that makes the reader want to come back.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 7 of the best bbq blogs for 2017:


Barbecue Bible

best bbq blogs bbq-bible


As an author, journalist, lecturer, and tv host, it’s safe to say Barbecue Bible’s Steven Raichlen knows a thing or two about bbq.  Barbecue Bible tops my list as one of the best bbq blogs due to its in-depth knowledge and variety of posts.

Raichlen goes beyond just blogging his recipes, providing some of his favorite spots to hit up for great bbq, like Raichlen’s Top 10 Meat Cities in the U.S. or Raichlen’s Best BBQ And Grill Restaurants.  If there is someone I would trust to tell me where to get great bbq, it’s an individual who’s written 30 books specifically on the topic.  

If you can’t already see the passion Barbecue Bible has for bbq, Raichlen has banded together a strong community of like-minded bbq’ers, making it in the list of 7 of the best bbq blogs.  “Whether or not you’ve read my books or watched my shows, you’ll find the insights I share on BarbecueBible.com useful, from hunger-inducing barbecue recipes to the history of live-fire cooking methods around the world, to the tools and techniques you need to rock the grill or smoker. Besides the wealth of information found in the blog, recipes, and newsletter on BarbecueBible.com, you can interact directly with me and other grilling and smoking fanatics on the Barbecue Board.” – Raichlen


Grilling With Rich

best bbq blogs grilling-with-rich


Founded in 2010, Grilling With Rich makes our list of the best bbq blogs as it follows the adventures of an average Joe and his attempt to learn all about the bbq world.  Part of the Grilling with Rich mission is that “men and women can be confident in grilling and barbecuing abilities without being experts.” What makes this one of the best bbq blogs is how it breaks down some of the basics in Six Tips To Grill A Perfectly Grilled Steak and, once you’re ready to bust out your new skills, How To Plan The Perfect BBQ.  Nobody can resist a good party, right?

Set up as a newsletter, the blog can seem a bit dizzying with information. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the additional interactive element of the blog, with quizzes to test how savvy (or not so savvy) you are in bbq.  I took the quiz “How Well Do You Know Your Cuts of Steak?” and got 3 out of 4 correct.  Not my best work but hey, it’s passing.


Grill Girl

best bbq blogs grill-girl


Grilling tends to have a male-dominated reputation, but Robin Lindars, aka the “Grill Girl,” is aiming to “encourage women to learn to grill as it’s a great way to create healthy, flavorful dishes without all the fuss and clean up in the kitchen.”

What makes this one of the best bbq blogs is that Robin has certainly designed her site layout and recipes for the female audience.  Her recipes go beyond the traditional steaks and burgers as she delves into paleo-friendly foods such as Thai Basil Curried Chicken “Noodle” Salad and Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Pesto “Spaghetti” as well as playfully aesthetic finger foods like Grilled Pumpkin Bites and Baja Chicken Slaw Sliders.  


Ink and Embers

best bbq blogs ink-embers


Many food blogs on the web lack personality. Gerard (Jerry) Dlubala’s Ink And Embers, however, takes on bbq and delivers it to us in a format that is almost poetic, making it quite unique on our list of best bbq blogs. Dlubala says “My reason for beginning the blog was simple. I loved grilling and barbecuing, and I loved writing. So I wanted to combine the two and start a blog that incorporated both. Instead of just another recipe blog, I wanted to make the grilling/BBQ a little more personal, telling a story as well. I try to tell stories that incorporate a good BBQ experience within them.”

Dlubala reminisces about the good ol’ days in Burgers, The Neighborly Thing To Do and less than perfect weather in Pecan Smoked Jerk Pork With Grill Roasted Beets.


BBQ Addicts

best bbq blogs bbq-addicts


Just months after BBQ Addicts launched their site, Jason and Aaron’s culinary creation known as the ‘Bacon Explosion’ became an internet sensation and household name.  A bacon-stuffed, bacon-wrapped smoked Italian sausage… What?!

A blog turned cookbook “BBQ Makes Everything Better,” you can find a little bit of everything here.  They’ll take you through some of the basics of grilling like The Baron’s Steak Seasoning Recipe and The Baron’s Steak Marinade Recipe, though their posts are beginning to get a bit dated, with the last one written in December 2015.  


How to BBQ Right

best bbq blogs how-to-bbq-right


PSA: Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, DO NOT look at How To BBQ Right if you’re hungry.  Malcolm Reed barbecues professionally and averages over 20 professional bbq competitions a year.  With photos that’ll make you drool, he’s a winner in my books and has also made it in this list of 7 best bbq blogs.

With recipes like Football Explosion and Grilled Tri Tip With Chimichurri Sauce on Big Green Egg, you’re sure to find some inspiration to knock the socks off your friends and family.  


Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ

best bbq blogs slap-yo-daddy


Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ’s blog was started by TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters head cook, Harry Soo.  The recipes are nothing short of creative and can err on the side of eclectic at times with Bacon Wrapped Easter Eggs (aka pig eggs) and Ginger Bread Fatty.  

Harry Soo keeps readers updated regularly on his whereabouts as he hops around the world teaching classes in Australia to hitting the road for competitions.  With creative and entertaining recipes, this blog doesn’t need any help standing out among the best bbq blogs.


Cooling Down

There you go.  A list of the 7 best bbq blogs on the web today.  If you’re looking for some new inspiration or just some classic entertainment, give one (or two) of these a shot.  And hey, while you’re at it, “like” this post or give us a shout in the comments on your thoughts of this list of best bbq blogs.


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