pellet grill

Advantages Of Cooking With A Pellet Grill

Should you become a pellet grill owner?  We’re going through the advantages of cooking with a pellet grill that can help you decide! Don’t be worried if this is the first time you’ve heard about cooking with a pellet grill. Pellet grills have squeezed their way into the limelight and have quickly become a trending […]

Modern Kitchen 2017

Top 5 Awesome Kitchen Designs For 2017

Hidden appliances and remotely operated kitchens?  You won’t want to miss these trending kitchen designs for 2017! When it comes to top kitchen designs for 2017, it’s all about the balance between style and functionality. We’ve come a long way since the 70’s (phew!) and today’s homeowners want a thoughtful kitchen design that shows their […]

Making Homemade Beef Jerky Without A Dehydrator

We love jerky and have put together a guide that will help you make your own homemade beef jerky. The best part? You don’t need a dehydrator! Jerky is the perfect snack. It’s packed with protein, is convenient, and tastes amazing. The pitfall? A jerky habit can send you back about $2.50 per ounce for […]

Himalayan Salt Block Cooking

How To Use A Salt Block For Amazing Grilling

We’re walking you through how to use a salt block that actually makes grilling easier! Salt can help make food taste awesome, which is why so many chefs have a heavy hand when cooking with it. But like all good things, too much can be harmful to your health. If you are trying to stick […]

homemade sausage

Beginner’s Guide: How To Make Your Own Sausage

Once you learn how to make your own sausage, you’ll never buy it from the store again! Learning how to make your own sausage is like the equivalent of learning how to write letters by hand. It’s an art form that is slowly falling by the wayside, yet, when done right, can bring tears to […]

Wood Plank Grilling Header

A Guide to Wood Plank Grilling

You’ll be amazed at how simple the wood plank grilling method is. Wood plank grilling is not rocket science, yet many who know their way around the grill have yet to try out this additional step in grilling that takes the standard bbq fare from zero to a hundred. I’d like to think the biggest obstacle […]

What Are Some Infrared Grill Advantages-

What Are Some Infrared Grill Advantages?

Is it possible that an infrared grill can taste better than a traditional gas or charcoal grill?   I feel almost disloyal writing about the infrared grill advantages.  Back in my day, a good BBQ meant firing up the outdoor grill and washing your clothes immediately afterward to get rid of that smoky smell.  Infrared stuff was […]

How To Grind Meat Without A Grinder

How To Grind Meat Without A Grinder

We’re here to give you the daily grind on how to upgrade the flavor and quality of your next ground meat Let’s face it – very few of us play butcher on the weekends and therefore do not own a proper meat cutter.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to grind meat without […]


Using a Smoker 101

Sure, smoking meat takes longer, but we’ve got a guide to make the results worth every minute. Once you begin using a smoker, 3 simple words will become your new motto: low and slow.  Yes, this phrase is cliche.  But just consider this a PSA that using a smoker for those mythical “fall-off-the-bones” ribs can actually […]

how to make your own bacon

How to Make Your Own Bacon

Bacon Lovers, UNITE!  We’ve got a guide to make your own bacon that will have you squealing with joy.   We’ve prepared a guide for you to make your own bacon, and I need to be brutally honest with you – it’s not a quick process.  It’s not the easiest.  And sometimes it’s a bit […]