The Easiest Wings You’ve Ever Made: Grilled Zesty Cheater Wings

easy cheater chicken wings

Easy?  Check.  Delicious?  Check.  These chicken wings have it all and are easier than ever to make!

You can’t beat grilled chicken wings that are packed with flavor and easy to prepare! Well, actually you can. All you have to do is make the recipe so simple that it’s fool proof!

Here’s a great starter recipe that you can keep as your own secret concoction. Or feel free to add your own twist to this grilled chicken wing dish that so simple that it’s almost like cheating!

Three Ingredients (yes, that’s it!)

I love calling simple recipes “cheater” recipes! Don’t get me wrong – I always enjoy using amazing ingredients and spices from local markets and seasoning vendors. But not everyone has the opportunity to shop where I do when researching an article or testing a thermometer.

That’s why I’m also a big fan of using what you have and using ingredients that are easy to pick up even when you’re on a budget or don’t have a fantastic artesian style market in your neighbor hood. I could list about fifteen ingredients here… but let’s keep it to only three. All you need is chicken wings and drummies, some zesty Italian dressing, and an equal amount of your favorite barbecue sauce.

Grilling your Zesty Cheater Wings and Drummies

Start off by marinating your wings and drummies in equal amounts of Zesty Italian Dressing and your favorite barbecue sauce. Do this in a covered glass baking dish or in zip-lock bags. Shoot for an overnight soaking or at least for a few hours. You can add additional ingredients if you want. Here’s my typical mixture for a batch.

  • Wings and drummies.
  • Equal portions of Zesty Italian dressing and barbecue sauce.
  • A spoonful or two of minced sweet onion.
  • A spoonful or two of minced green or red pepper.
  • Several dashes of minced garlic.
  • Parsley flakes.
  • Dashes of red pepper flakes.

Marinate the wings and then toss them on the grill. If you use the remaining marinade for basting then make sure you boil it first or allow for plenty of grilling time to kill any germs associated with raw chicken that may be in the marinade.

When the juices run clear but before you remove the chicken from the grill, sprinkle them with any extras you may have such as diced onion and minced garlic. After plating the wings top them with parsley and red pepper flakes. Serve hot, sticky, and juicy!


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