Top 5 Awesome Kitchen Designs For 2017

Modern Kitchen 2017

Hidden appliances and remotely operated kitchens?  You won’t want to miss these trending kitchen designs for 2017!

When it comes to top kitchen designs for 2017, it’s all about the balance between style and functionality. We’ve come a long way since the 70’s (phew!) and today’s homeowners want a thoughtful kitchen design that shows their fabulous taste in minimalist aesthetics, yet are still functional enough to cook for ten at the next dinner party.

Whether you are thinking about redoing your entire kitchen or seeking a quick update, take a look at what’s trending in top kitchen designs for 2017. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration!

1. Hidden Appliances

hidden refrigerator

When referring to hidden appliances, we don’t mean secret passages or hidden doors behind bookshelves (although those are certainly amazing in their own right)! It’s really about finding appliances that blend well into your kitchen without drawing any unnecessary attention. If you do it well enough, you could leave guests wondering how does she bake without an oven!?


Tired of looking at that big stainless steel fridge in the middle of your kitchen? Why not conceal this fat eyesore with a cabinet that matches the rest of the cabinetry in your kitchen? This can be done for a variety of “unsightly” appliances including the trash, a microwave, or your dishwasher.

Sub-Zero is one of the original names behind hidden refrigerators, offering both drawer as well as built-in styles. They include the option to choose panels to fit the dimensions of your style of fridge as well as the model.

2. The Kitchen Gets Techy

wifi enabled appliances

Technology for the kitchen has gotten out of control. In a good way, of course. Kitchens are becoming more remotely operated. Is your refrigerator running? Bad joke, but hey, there’s an app for that now! Running late? Call your oven to turn off. Who needs friends when you can just chat with your dishwasher?

3. Black And White

black and white kitchen

Some classics will never die. The tuxedo design is becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen designs for 2017. A black and white palette (or navy and soft gray for the less bold) provides high contrast in the kitchen. This contrast can range from mixing white cabinets with black countertops to rustic hardwood floors paired with sleek cabinet material.

4. Mixed Up Metals

When I grew up, I was told never to wear brown shoes with black pants. The same held true with plaids paired with stripes. What the kitchen trends for 2017 is proving to us is that you can enjoy mixing things up and call it creativity. What was once all the rage with gold and brassy-toned metals can now be paired with white metals like chrome and stainless steel. Be an artist.  You can choose your favorites and can feel free to mix and match.

5. Bold Fixtures

bold light fixtures

Bold fixtures in the kitchen are taking the place of what once was the role of the chandelier in the dining room. Lighting fixtures serve much more functionality in the kitchen and more people are splurging on a fixture that makes a statement.

Maybe this is finally the year you make that leap and update your kitchen.  I’m sure you won’t regret it.  Just remember, keep it simple and functional and it will never go out of style.  What are your thoughts on the top kitchen designs for 2017?  Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @CAPPEC_Official.


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