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Blaze – BTH01

Presenting the new Smart Bluetooth BBQ thermometer! Imagine being able to monitor the foods that you are barbecuing remotely. Using this Best BBQ Grill Thermometer, you can easily monitor the temperature of a dish, being cooked in a smoker, barbecue or oven, while doing something else. The monitoring of this wireless BBQ Thermometer is fully accessible from your smart phone, and it is extremely easy to set temperature alerts and know exactly when your meal is done. No more running back and forth, opening up your oven and checking on your meal constantly.

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This BBQ Thermometer is available with or without the application and it comes with optimized sensors for some of the most accurate readings in our industry. Apart from Bluetooth BBQ thermometer, we also have cordless bbq thermometer, specialty smoker thermometer, digital meat thermometer for smokers and more. Each one of these tools will help you optimize your cooking process and make sure that the next meal you barbecue or smoke will come out perfectly.

● Our Bluetooth meat thermometer comes direct with industry-leading Japanese temperature sensors.
● The entire product is splash proof – meaning it can be left outside and even stand up to moisture and other food related spills.
● Full integration with IOS or android: or Bluetooth products come with integration through android 4.3 and ios. These applications can sync directly through Bluetooth with the temperature sensors and this ensures quality readouts were ever you may be.
● Two different probes are included with the package both of which are oven safe and barbecue safe. These probes can withstand temperatures of up to 600°F and read up to 393°F.
● This is the perfect option for barbecues/ovens or smokers.
● Bluetooth barbecue thermometers can be used with or without the application. Feel free to use the temperature display device that comes with the sensors or the display on your smart phone.

BBQ Thermometer FAQ's

– One reason might because the jack of the probe is not inserted correctly or all the way into the thermometer. Try to switch the probe from port 1 to 2 and vice-versa.
– Second reason might be that you have received a faulty probe. If above does not help please contact us on

– One reason might because the jack of the probe is not inserted correctly or all the way into the thermometer. Try to switch the probe from port 1 to 2 and vice-versa.
– Try to reset all settings.
– If above does not help please contact us on

– You will not be able to find the thermometer under “discoverable devices”. Once the blue LED is on, the thermometer will connect with the phone/tablet as soon as you open the application.

– For Android devices make sure your device has android 4.3 or above installed as

– iOS devices
iPhone 4S and older
iPad 3rd gen and older
iPod touch 5th gen and older
Android devices
Most new smartphones with Android 4.3+ installed.

Including but not limited to:

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro/3/4/S

HTC One M7
HTC One M8

LG Grande 2
LG Grande 3


Moto X
Moto E
Moto G
Moto Droid Razr M
Moto Droid Maxx
Moto Droid Mini

If you can’t find your device above, pls. do contact us on, and we’ll try to confirm if your device is compatible with our thermometer.

Due to too many devices on the market, are we not able to test all manufacturers’ devices. If you find a bug or issue with the application, kindly send a crash report or contact us via

There can be many reasons to why Bluetooth connections reduce distance.
1. A major obstacle is between the two devices
2. Too many background applications are running on the smartphone or tablet.
3. Batteries of either the smart device or the thermometer are low powered.
4. The surrounding area of the devices might have a lot of background interference that can limit the Bluetooth connection.

No, but it is water-resistant. It is certified to an IPx4 standard. Which allows it to be spilled on by most liquids. The product however can not be submerged in water.

The thermometer is FCC and CE approved. The actual probes are FDA and LFGB approved making them food safe.

No, the probes are meant to be inserted into meat or measure ambient temperatures below 400° Fahrenheit.

No, the wire should be kept away from open fire.

downloading-fileClick to Download Manual

How to use the Blaze Bluetooth Thermometer

Press and hold the middle button on the top of the device to turn it on. Press and hold it again to turn it off.

-Download the free CAPPEC app from the App Store or Google Play Store-Active the Bluetooth on your device and open the app-Turn the thermometer on and it will pair instantly with your device. If it doesn’t work then turn off the thermometer and Bluetooth and repeat the process.

-Turn on the thermometer and ensure at lease one of the probes is inserted into the side.

-Click the middle button on top of the device until you see the ‘Current’ temperature reading and use the + and – buttons to select the temperature you want to target.-When the display returns from ‘Current’ the process is done and the thermometer will alert you when it reaches that temperature.

-Turn on the thermometer and ensure at lease one of the probes is inserted into the side.

-Click the middle button on top of the device until you see a clock icon flash in the top right corner.

-Use the + and – buttons to choose the amount of time you’d like. Simply press the middle button again or don’t press anything to activate the time.

Turn the device over and toggle the switch between ‘F’ and ‘C’.

 Citizen John
Innovative Food Thermometer,

Cooking by temperature is a very accurate way of preparing your food. By pairing Cappec’s Wireless Bluetooth thermometer with an App for your iPhone or Android it takes even more of the temperature guessing out if the equation.

You can set the doneness desired, save information from the last time you barbecued, and even set timers making your day on the patio grilling that much better. This is my go-to thermometer.

BBQ thermometer provided by CAPPEC.

Citizen John July 7, 2014
 RST10 (USA)
The future is now! Cooking from the next room!,

Several years ago I learned about the magic of the little button thermometers that can be pushed into food/meat/etc and they tell you *exactly* when it’s medium, by temperature. The problem with those is that they can be hard to clean, water can get in the glass and ruin them, oil can get in there and ruin them, etc. The future is now. This Bluetooth thermometer is the answer!

The fact that it has two probes can be helpful– two in one object at different areas, two in the same area to ensure they’re both working properly, or one in two different things works as well. The fact that the feedback is the phone and there is no face in the cooking area saves from ruining the device with cooking matter.

There were two aspects that I did not like– the instruction manual seemed translated, and was scant. More instructions are available in the app. I’d rather them just put a card in there with the big text INSTRUCTIONS IN THE APP and be done with it. The paper instructions could use improvement.

The other thing that I didn’t like was that there was a teeny tiny screw in the back to remove to put in batteries and hold the battery door closed. I realize you don’t want a battery door flying open potentially near open flame, but at the same time I wish it didn’t require a glasses screw driver (included) to handle.

As far as functionality goes, I had no issues trusting the thermometer and as long as I stayed in range with Bluetooth, I got constant updates. I used this three times with gas grilling, once in a convection oven (counter top size) and once in a full size natural gas oven so far.

I have yet to replace the batteries but that’s a concern for me. If it becomes an issue I will update my review.

By a lot of patient hours, days and years of reviewing, I found myself in the top reviewers on Amazon. This wasn’t a goal or result of self promotion, but by focused reviewing. I sometimes get contacted by manufacturers or sellers who ask that I provide an unbiased review. This is one of those products. I assure you that I review what I want, when I want, how I want, in order to share what I feel is the most accurate useful information.

RST10 (USA) July 7, 2014
Surprisingly robust and a dream to use,

This is the second ‘remote’ thermometer that I have evaluated as review samples in recent months and of the two this is significantly better in ease of use and function.

What I love about this is the app that you practically need to get the most out of this device is intuitive and far easier to use. The other thermometer I tested had as many features, but was so complicated to use that I almost gave up.

Another feature that all of these thermometers share is accuracy. The probes are heavy duty and even the display and control unit is built to withstand the elements.

There a few things you need to know because the instruction sheet is scant at best. To be fair, the information is in the sheet, but for some reason is easy to overlook. First, the real instructions are in a tab in the downloadable app. Second, when you go into bluetooth discovery mode you can pair this device to your phone or tablet, but it will not connect. The app does that for you.

One other thing that you need to know is this has the same limitations as any bluetooth device. If you wander more than ten meters or there are obstructions between you and the unit you can drop the signal. That is not a flaw in this thermometer – it’s part of the bluetooth specification. I tested the unit for distance and mine actually held for about twelve meters, so there is a little wiggle-room built in.

I tested this with both a Galaxy Note 3 phone and a Tab 3 10.1 tablet. Both worked perfectly.

Other things I love about this include the ability to use set temperatures for either gourmet or USDA for various meats and doneness, or set your own. And the ease of cleaning the probes after each use.

Overall I am thrilled with this set. I know that borders on hyperbole, but that is truly how I feel. If you barbecue or grill outside and own a smartphone I strongly recommend this thermometer set.

June 26, 2014
Dave Edmiston
Great Grill Accessory,

If you browse through my reviewer profile you will see that I have reviewed many different BBQ accessories over the years. I love gadgets and I love to grill. I’ve used a number of different wireless thermometers and rarely grill without one anymore.

This one is innovative compared to the others that I’ve used, because it uses a Bluetooth (BT) connection to connect to the CAPPEC app on my iPhone. (Search for “CAPPEC” in the iTunes store.) Since the iPhone has way more capabilities than a simple LED readout on a monitor, there are a lot more features available through the app. Awesome! For example, if you’re a data junkie like me, you’ll love the ability to watch a graph of the temps of your meat.

So what do you get with this thermometer?

* A small black box that kind of reminds me of an AppleTV unit, only smaller. * Two meat probes. * A little screwdriver that you’ll need to get access to the battery cover. (I wish I had found this before I struggled to get into the battery hatch. It’s a lot easier with this little jeweler’s screwdriver.)

Download the app from the app store (iTunes or Android…ooh, I wonder if I can side-load this onto my Kindle Fire tablet?) and launch the app. Don’t do like I did and try to pair the receiver in the BT settings, because that’s now how this device works. Just make sure BT is turned on on your phone. The app recognized my receiver right away.

Here’s a quick note about Bluetooth technology. I don’t recall the precise limits of the BT standards, but in my experience most BT devices have a range of less than 25′. This one had a comparable range where the signal was good up to about 20′-25′. That’s fine with me, but it means I need to leave my iPhone outside near the grill. Otherwise I’ll have to reacquire the signal when I go back outside. This is important to understand though: This thermometer is wireless, but it’s not what I’d call “remote”. Although you’re not exactly tethered to the probes, you can’t go inside to powder your nose and expect to keep the signal going.

Now about the app…

I work for a major entertainment company and a big part of our business is mobile apps. Because of my job I’m probably a tougher critic of mobile apps than most people. And although I have a couple of small gripes with this app, overall I’m very very happy with it. And the genius of creating an app to connect to this thermometer is that the manufacturer can release enhancements and bug fixes in the future. That’s fantastic, because I’ve used some remote thermometers that were pretty good but had flaws that could never be fixed. I’m happy to know that this one will be upgraded over time.

So the device itself is pretty rugged and durable. The probes are very substantial and I expect them to last a long time. Frankly I doubt I’ll use both probes simultaneously very often, just because I typically only cook one type of meat at a time. On the other hand, I’ve been burned before (bad pun) by inaccurate sampling when I put the probe in the wrong spot. It’s nice to have two probes and be able to poke the meat in more than one location.

Overall I’m very happy with this thermometer. It’s actually strong competition for my previous favorite. The only reason I can think of to use my former favorite thermometer is if I need to leave the area and need a remote unit. But I actually prefer to hang out by the grill, so that’s probably not going to be an issue.

Well done, CAPPEC.

Dave Edmiston June 25, 2014
 Seven Ng
A great gift for BBQ fans.,

My friend is a BBQ fanatic. I bought this for his birthday gift. Guess what, at the birthday party everything was prepared on the BBQ except the drinks. He loved this grill thermometer. Even during the party, he used it to monitor his meat temperature. He used 1 probe for smoker temperature, and 1 for the meat temperature. I’m sure there are many other ways to use it.

Seven Ng June 24, 2014
Suhua Zhao
Good product,

This is the 1st product I bought on Amazon. Really a great product. I am an average user of BBQs, but mostly my meat is cooked thin sliced.

But now that I got myself a brand new BBQ I thought, how to handle the thick cuts? I found this BBQ thermometer and thought why not? I’ve owned a few other wireless thermometer, but we all know, the normal BBQ thermometer are difficult to use. Too many keys and old school settings options, make them a nightmare to control and set.

The APP from Cappec however works very intuitive with my iPhone 5S and iPad Mini Retina. It connected right away, just need to remember to turn on your Bluetooth .

It’s easy to select ones desired doneness for the various meat options and the thermometer, buzzes and alarms every time at the right moment. So far it’s been a great product to use. Only problem is the software does not support Chinese, I hope when they update the APP they can consider this issue. Highly recommended.

Suhua Zhao May 31, 2014
 S. Smith (Sunnyvale, CA)
For BBQ lovers and gadget lovers – recommended!,

As an avid BBQ cook I’ve been on the lookout for a good accurate temperature probe with wireless capabilities for a while now. Many on the market are just not accurate enough or poorly designed. Cappec’s product comes with two Japanese temperature sensor probes that are very accurate – I tested them compared to other methods and the food is cooked to perfection. The setup for iPhone App is easy – good selection of standard meats and cooking temperature ranges included. Custom temperatures can be setup too. The alarm is very easy to hear on the device as well as the alerts displayed on the phone app. I had a problem with one of the probes in the first few days after purchase and the company owner shipped a replacement quickly. Email support is very responsive although not easy to find via their app or website – minor nit! Recommended!!

S. Smith (Sunnyvale, CA) May 29, 2014

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