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Guessing for food temperatures is never a safe practice. If you need to know fast and accurate results for the temperature on foods or beverages in your kitchen, you should strongly consider an accurate digital kitchen thermometer. The NS-KTH01 is ideal thermometer for kitchen use today.

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This digital kitchen thermometer uses extremely accurate sensors to expertly measure the temperature of any food item. It’s also fully programmable so that you can set temperature alerts for any grilled meat you happen to be cooking. The temperature alerts on the grill meat thermometer works very well in commercial kitchens and helps deliver perfectly cooked items in your personal kitchen. With a full range of temperature alerts and some of the most accurate readouts in the industry, the NS-KTH01 from CAPPEC is one of the best kitchen thermometers available in the market in this price range..

● Temperature displays in Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius
● Range of temperatures from 32° to 393°F or 0 to 200°C.
● Fast 5 second readouts on temperature tests.



How to use Ember Kitchen Thermometer

-Press and hold the power button until you hear the sound and the display turns on. Press and hold the power button again to turn the Ember off.

-Press the alert button until you see a triangle icon appear in the top left corner of the display. Then use the + and – buttons to choose your desired temperature.

-To silence the alert, simply hit any button.

-To turn off the alert, press the Alert button until the triangle icon disappears from the top left corner of the display.

-Place the black probe plug firmly into the top of the Ember until it clicks and cannot go any further. You will see the cooking temperature display when this is done correctly.


Great customer service, nice product

Read all the requirements of this kitchen thermometer. It works on the 4S but not iPhone 4 and my tablet is 1 OS update behind the required OS. Since other family members have newer devices I have been able to use it. Customer service far EXCEEDED my expectations.

Dbrow June 7, 2014

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