Cappec Wireless Thermoblue® Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Weather Station Brings Connectivity to New Spaces


In a world where the expectation is for more and more parts of the home to be wireless connected for added control and comfort, Cappec has created a new product category with the release of their innovative Cappec Thermoblue Wireless Smart Thermometer. Customers have greeted the product with enthusiasm.

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Thermoblue FAQ's

– The LED flashes red/blue for 2 reasons.
o You just inserted new batteries and the device is now in pairing mode.
o You just disconnected from your smart device and Thermoblue returns into pairing mode.

– Thermoblue has an expected lifetime, for one set of batteries, of about 1 years usage.

– Thermoblue will record the history with a 30 min interval. You will be able to track after 35 min of usage. No data will logged as 0.
– If you can’t see any history or app mentions “No Data Available” kindly contact us at

– You will not be able to find Thermoblue under “discoverable devices”. Thermoblue is always in a low powered pairing mode, Thermoblue will connect with the phone/tablet as soon as you open the application and have your Bluetooth turned on.

– For Android devices make sure your device has android 4.3 or above installed as
– Please check whether the Bluetooth is turned on.

– This is NOT recommended. Most manufacturers set the alkaline batteries normal working temperature range to 0-131 Fahrenheit. Which is not suitable for Sauna rooms

Due to too many devices on the market, are we not able to test all manufacturers’ devices. If you find a bug or issue with the application, kindly send a crash report or contact us via

There can be many reasons to why Bluetooth connections reduce distance.
1. A major obstacle is between the two devices
2. Too many background applications are running on the smartphone or tablet.
3. Batteries of either the smart device or the thermometer are low powered.
4. The surrounding area of the devices might have a lot of background interference that can limit the Bluetooth connection.

– Thermoblue is Water Resistant enough to hang outside during heavy rainfall.
– Thermoblue is NOT built waterproofed to be submerged into water.

– Thermoblue has the following certifications: FCC, CE, REACH, ROHS, R&TTE.

– iOS devices
iPhone 4S and older
iPad 3rd gen and older
iPod touch 5th gen and older
Android devices
Most new smartphones with Android 4.3+ installed.

Including but not limited to:

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro/3/4/S

HTC One M7
HTC One M8

LG Grande 2
LG Grande 3

Moto X
Moto E
Moto G
Moto Droid Razr M
Moto Droid Maxx
Moto Droid Mini

If you can’t find your device above, pls. do contact us on, and we’ll try to confirm if your device is compatible with our thermometer.

How to use Thermoblue

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